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Hair Loss has become a common problem all over the world. There are a lot of people even young guys are suffering from this crucial problem. They are becoming bald & getting no better solution to cure it. Every Bald person wants to restore their hairs. Today, we are discussing about the ways to restore the hairs. There are two main ways for Hair Restoration.
1.Surgical Procedure
2.Non Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedure: In the Surgical Procedure the best solution is Hair Transplant. It is purely a surgical procedure in which the surgeon will take the hairs from the donor area and grafting on to the bald area. This procedure is the best way to restore hairs. It will give you the natural hair growth. But this procedure has some side effects also & it’s a painful procedure.
Non Surgical Procedure: In the Non Surgical Procedure there are so man solutions to get back the hairs without any surgery or operation. In this Hair Expert will analyze your bald area & put a hair patch on the baldy area & fix it with the help of bond glue. It is a best method without any pain or surgery. The main methods come in this procedure:
Hair Weaving
Hair Bonding
Non Surgical Hair Replacement
Permanent Hair Fixing
Today, we are discussing about Hair Weaving & its procedures.

Hair Weaving is also known as extensions which are the most popular technique of changing your hairstyle recent days. It is basically for incorporating new hair either synthetic or natural to the existing hair of a person. It is a way of adding new hairs to the scalp with the help of weaving or braiding of human or synthetic hair. Those who doesn’t have a good hairstyle just because of hair loss they must go for having thick beautiful hair with Hair Weaving. This procedure allows the person to get the desired look by having more hair density to the original hair. This method is best for the guys who are suffering from the issue of hair thinning or baldness. Malhotra Hair Replacement is the best clinic cum centre for solution of baldness or hair restoration. To get the best hair weaving in delhi kindly visit our centre.

Hair Weaving Methods
There are various types of weaving styles like bonding, tracking, net weaving & fusion or tree braiding. Method will be used after analyzing the hair of individual. These all methods are the way to achieve hair weaving mentioned below:

It is one of the best used method where the hair is split into pieces of weaved hair to be added to the natural hair, close the scalp using the hair glue. It is a popular way which not only adds volume but also streaks of color to natural hair. It is safe method. In order to prevent from damage, tracks are removed after some days. Mainly two types of bonding are there one is soft bonding & another is hard bonding.
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PRP Therapy
Hair Fall Prevention & Causes
Hair Restoration

2. Tracking
Tracking is another way of integration which includes the natural hair into various tracks. Hairs are split into the tracks & sewn on the head. This method is very tough & should be done under the hair expert. It must be completed by a hair professional. For having a full head weave, braids are either covered with a net or sewn. Thereafter, extra hairs are sewn into the braids, with tracks depending upon the look.

3.Net Weaving
The last but not least method is net weaving. In this technique, a net is used as a surface & the hair patch can be woven on this. This method is better for those who are facing huge thinning or baldness. It can lasts upto 2 to 3 months but requires proper care & maintenance. Using this method you can have benefits like Natural Looking Hairs
No Damaged Hair
Can Wash with shampoo
Natural Hair Health
Genuine Look
Stunning Look
No Damaged Skin
Natural Look
Hair Weaving is the best way for Hair Restoration. Every Person want to get back their younger look at any cost just give me the solution. Here is the solution, don’t waste your time & money in searching the fake clinics, visit us at Malhotra Hair Replacement, The best hair weaving centre in delhi provides you the best Non Surgical Hair Treatments without any surgery, pain. Take a time of some hours & take your look back.

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